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    The first date I had with my husband, Cody, was at the DOG PARK!  He was immediately impressed by the frisbee catching skills of my Border Collie, Olive, and I was in awe of the attention Cody gave to his special needs dog, Reggie, a Pit Bull with a seizure disorder.  In fact, this high maintenance red-nosed Pit Bull is one of the ways I knew Cody would be such a good daddy one day.  Not only did Reggie require lots of pills twice a day to control his seizures, but my husband developed a “sixth sense” of knowing when Reggie was about to have a seizure.  Since that sunny winter day at the dog park many years ago, we have added two little boys to our family and sadly said goodbye to Reggie, just two days before I gave birth to our youngest son.  What an emotional time for us! Just as we were welcoming a beautiful baby boy to our family, we were also saying goodbye to a loyal friend.

    Looking back, we would have cherished the opportunity to photograph Reggie before he crossed over the rainbow bridge.  This is one of the reasons I’m so passionate about our Rainbow Bridge Sessions, which offer clients an opportunity to memorialize their beloved pet through beautiful photos.

    I love being able to capture the personality of your animals through high quality, artistic portraits, as well as fun and whimsical shots that show off your animal at play through lifestyle photography!  Unique and original ideas get me even more excited, and I love coming up with creative shots that truly showcase the special bond between you and your fur baby.


    Whether you are looking for something unique in the studio or wanting us to come to your home or a favorite park, we are here with our Paw-Parazzi camera, ready to artistically capture your furry babies. There’s nothing like the love between us and our pets, and we are looking to take images of your pet that show off their unique personality. Your photographer, Becca Kersh, has a unique bond with animals and will instantly get a feel for who they are and how best to photograph them.

    There’s no time limit; we’ll work with your pet’s interest and abilities, include you in the images as much (or as little!) as you’d like, and capture some great memories that you’ll love! The session itself is $100, and then it’s totally up to you what you’d like to invest from there. Custom artwork including framed prints and canvases are available a la carte, as well as fun items like calendars and coffee mugs. If you’re ready to reserve your date, you can conveniently reserve online or call us at 512-653-6846, and we’ll get you all set up.

    Aportion of all Violet Crown Paw-Parazzi proceeds goes to Paws and Stripes, an organization that provides service dogs​​​​​​​​​​ for military veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. This is an organization near and dear to Becca’s heart. Read more about why she chose this organization to support on her blog post about the organization.

    "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."

    Rainbow Bridge

    • My family was in shock when we found out Roger only had a few days left to live. He had been with our family for 11 years and was our first baby. We wanted photos of him with us that represented just how much we loved our baby. Becca was amazing. She was so intuitive with Roger and the emotions we all were feeling. Her compassion was so sincere. Then we saw the images a few days later...Roger had already passed, so this was our last captured memory with him. Our hearts were overjoyed. She captured his spirit and our love for him in the most beautiful way. We are forever greatful to Becca for giving us such a wonderful last memory. Our family highly recommends her to anyone looking to capture their furry babies, or in our case, preserve the deep love they have for them.

      Jeannie Bower

    Rainbow Bridge Session Details

    Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is hard. Rainbow Bridge Sessions are specially designed for sick, elderly, and terminally ill pets. These special end-of-life sessions are meant to capture lasting memories of the special bond between you and your beloved companion. Too many times I’ve heard families say “If only we had been able to get pictures first!” Having personally been through the experience of losing a beloved pet, I feel tremendously humbled to capture the unique spirit of your pet during such a precious and difficult time.

    Rainbow Bridge Sessions often arise unexpectedly and will be given priority in scheduling, whenever possible. Spur of the moment requests are understood, and we will always work to accommodate such requests. Locations are decided based on your pet’s comfort level, and often include the pet’s home, a favorite park, or in our studio when possible.


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